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Glueware's Open Banking Accelerator Suite Releases


Glueware is proud to announce quarterly releases of our Open Banking Accelerator Suite.

We’ve made improvements to all components of the Suite:


  • Open Banking Accelerator (OBA)

  • Open Banking Engagement Platform (OBEP)

  • Conformance Suite Package

Please see our recent releases below:

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December 2023 - Quarterly release of the OBA suite includes:

Security fixes

  • None

Defect fixes:

  •  18 squashed bugs.

  • Numerous documentation improvements, including:

    • New exploring the Accelerator section provides an overview of the accelerator.

    • New Conformance Testing section provides further detail in relation to the Conformance Suite.

    • Clarified API Provider responsibilities in the Productionising - API Providers section.

    • Enhanced the demo application to include decoupled / CIBA authorisation flow.

New Features​

  • New 'exclude Third Parties' filter parameter allows filtering of consent requests by Third Party.

  • Exposed nats.max_payload as helm chart configuration so API Providers can easily adjust this setting.

  • Update OBA Private API specifications with more robust response validation.

  • Enhanced Developer Portal user experience and navigation menu options.

  • Various changes to the Conformance Suite to increase test coverage and improve alignment to Payments NZ API Centre Standards.

July 2023 - Quarterly release
April 2023 - Quarterly release
January 2023 - Quarterly release
October 2022 - Quarterly release
August 2022 - Quarterly release (Support for v2.2 and v2.3)
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