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Glueware's Open Banking Accelerator Suite Releases


Glueware is proud to announce quarterly releases of our Open Banking Accelerator Suite.

We’ve made improvements to all components of the Suite:


  • Open Banking Accelerator (OBA)

  • Open Banking Engagement Platform (OBEP)

  • Open Banking Conformance Suite 

Please see our recent releases below:

Middleware Open Banking ­ Banner ART.jpg

May 2024 - This interim release of the OBA suite includes:

New features​

  • New Private Metrics API to generate a CSV export that aligns to new reporting format, which comes into effect 30 May 2024.

  • Aligned OpenSearch dashboards to the API Provider-monthly usage metrics that come into effect 30 May 2024.

  • Implemented integration with Google and AzureB2C Identity Providers on portals.

  • Able to automatically send internal information email when a new user signs up to the developer portal.

  • Able to specify the default administrative account for the portals.

  • Added contact-us page to portals for developers to send email requests.

  • Limited theming improvements on developer portal.

Security improvements:

  • Optionally require new users to verify their email address before gaining full access to the platform.

  • Added ability to reset password in portal.

  • Additional role based access control policies in both portals.

  • Password policy enforced in both portals.

Security fixes

  • Upgrade follow-redirect for CVE-2024-28849.

  • Upgrade jose for CVE-2024-28176.

  • Update express for CVE-2024-29041.

  • Update jsrsasign for CVE-2024-21484.

Defect fixes:

  •  10 squashed bugs.

March 2024 - Quarterly release
December 2023 - Quarterly release
July 2023 - Quarterly release
April 2023 - Quarterly release
January 2023 - Quarterly release
October 2022 - Quarterly release
August 2022 - Quarterly release (Support for v2.2 and v2.3)
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